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Proposal of Service letter

Model of letter of proposal of service playdough at convenience.


Request for contribution of clients in the development of a new product

Free template to call A CONTRIBUTION. Mr. [name of CONTACT], we need your input in the development of our new product being developed.

Because you are a procurement officer or a buyer, your opinion will be crucial in the development of our product. Please find attached, a photograph of the new product as well as a description and a list of questions.


Bill of sale

Model of Bill of sale at moderler at convenience.

This deed of sale takes effect from this day on (DATE), date of signature. Between: [(Nom dele de vendeur) (the seller), a company incorporated and governed by the law of [State/Province], and having its head office at: and: [buyer name] (buyer), a company formed and governed by the law of [State/Province], and headquartered at: in] CONSIDERATION of the value received and considered ADEQUATE, the seller sells and transfers and definitively by the present possession of the property in their conditions and current locations to the buyer, its successors and


Checklist for improving customer service

The following checklist will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses and to improve the quality of service your organization provides to its customers. It is obvious that it is five times more expensive to win new customers than to retain existing ones. Do you need to keep your current customers! Look at your CULTURE organizational you can be close to your customers if your corporate culture does not encourage such a relationship. Your employees need to be trained to think the customer first - those who are not oriented clients can endanger the success of your organization by the inadequate decision-making, by their inability to respond effectively to situations changing, or by their negligence in the customer service; anything that does not always ensure the loyalty of your customers.


Request for advertising Insertion

Sample letter of request for advertising insertion.

Thank you for including in your information kit you sent us last week your copy of [name of the SUPPORT]. We have received your magazine and the financial proposal you are attached, and believe that it can be of great use and be an efficient channel to promote our product.



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