Assistant sales and marketing

Assistant sales and marketing; project contractor FOB MLM. Forever administrative assistant sales and marketing at Forever Living MLM without financial risk.


Direct selling allows to flow the products directly from the producer to the consumer, avoiding all the traditional intermediaries (importers, wholesalers, retailers, etc...).
It's a sale based on communication, Word of mouth.
Network marketing is a distribution system that works through relationship marketing. Network marketing gives everyone the opportunity to start his own business, an opportunity that everyone can achieve at their own pace without the disadvantages and the risks involved in starting a business.
Revenues for this business are related to how you are going to develop your business in the way and speed at which you are working, and the will and enthusiasm you will show, to the actions that you take, and finally to the goals you you will set, finally your success depends on you, unlike all other trades.

The benefits

Advantageous product discounts and bonuses based on your results you set your own goals. Work at your own pace, you no stocks to realize, no charges you benefit from the status of VDI (seller at home independent) you have the ability to create your own team of distributors, allowing you to increase your winnings. You get a free training and ongoing support program.


Discount on direct sales (% change) Various bonuses based on the realized figure extra discount and or travel as a result of the challenges set up. PartagerSite aloe vera gel


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Work at home without pre-requisites for all.