Multi Level Marketing - MLM

Direct sale

allows to circulate the products directly from the producer to the consumer, avoiding all traditional intermediaries (importers, wholesalers, retailers, etc...).

It's a sale based on communication, Word of mouth.
Network marketing is a distribution system that works through relationship marketing. Network marketing gives everyone the opportunity to start his own business, an opportunity that everyone can realize his own pace without the disadvantages and risks of entrepreneurship.

Revenues for this business are related to how you will develop your case, how and the speed at which you will work, and the will and the enthusiasm you proof to the actions that you will undertake, and finally to the objectives you will set, finally your success depends on you, unlike all other trades.

Professional Franchise

Administrative Assistant F.O.B - Aloe Vera Forever Living MLM Distributor. Aloe Web Assistant.

Before consuming aloe vera for well-being, energy, vitality, beauty and fitness,  here after registering (customer or distributor) with ID Forever Living.

Description of the case marketing

The case we present to you is a concept of creation of which has been proven for more than 30 years around the world and company which allows, to many people to undertake, to create professional situations and interesting revenues without financial risk.

The benefits

Advantageous product discounts and bonuses based on your results you you set your own goals. You work at your own pace, you no stocks to realize, no fillers you benefit from the status of VDI (seller home independent) you have the ability to create your own team of distributors, allowing you to increase your winnings. You get a free training and ongoing support program.

The remuneration

Discount on direct sales (changes in %) Various bonuses depending on the realized figure extra discount and or travel following the challenges set up.


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