Aloe - Anti wrinkles 

Transparent and fresh, fluid tonic Aloe perfect make-up removal by gently removing the last traces of impurities. Without alcohol, it respects the integrity of the epidermis, leaves skin perfectly clean and fresh. With its 41.5% stabilized Aloe vera gel, skin is rehydrated * and found tone and brightness. * Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Tone and then refresh your skin with fluid tonic Aloe.

Formulated without alcohol, our toning fluid gently removes the last traces of scrub milk, regenerates and tightens dilated skin pores to give it a look, very fine and brilliant. It tones the epidermis and regulates moisture (upper layers).

The fluid contains 45% of gel of Aloe, Witch-Hazel, extracts of plants and the collagen and the allantois. It can also be used as a tensor.