Asbl lkpuissance2 is an automated professional social media with customer relationship management for auto entrepreneur. : 9:00 18:00.

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Forever Living auto-entrepreneur at home for distributor and customer .

Locate, repair and restore .

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Aloe Vera Info ! Aloe vera products for the freedom of all.

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Job assistant

Administrative assistant jobs for auto-entrepreneur, micro-enterprise and individual. Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 18:00.

Mail management

The freelance secretary receives and processes your mail by BpostNeuprà ©. Postal Domiciliation - Mail Processing.

Chef at home

Be Our Guest, home chef and or delivery African cuisine of root vegetables, vegetables fruits and leaves - South Africa.

Marketing action plan

You are self independent contractor? Order without further delay the optimization of your profile of brand name for the search engines of your region; SEO keyword of your entrepreneurial project or your micro-enterprise; local and regional targeting. Take advantage of this action plan