Cocktail debout

Standing cocktail organization
Date de l'événement

Standing service

During a cocktail party, with the guests standing, they will proceed to the buffet to refuel with food and drinks.

As they are standing, they have no place settings other than cocktail spoons and forks (12cm).
  • No part needs to be cut because they are first worked in individual portions or single parts. The rooms will therefore be small, easy to eat and little mess.
  • In this context, guests will be provided with items such as savory petit fours (canapes, puff pastry, gourmet spoons, crisps, toasted almonds, verrines, etc.) and sweet petits fours.
The propensity for salty and sweet items depends on the weather as well as the time of your event, I advise you to go to our Cocktail or Buffet page.