Aloe vera

Aloe Vera Cocktails

Taste and toast your health!


☼ 150 ml peach juice
☼ 30 ml orange juice
☼ 20 ml grenadine
25 ml Forever Aloe Peaches -
25 ml Forever Aloe Berry Nectar - Buy


☼ A small drop of grenadine
☼ Thyme Brin
30 ml Forever Pomesteen Power -
200 ml OFARGI -

The plant

Aloe Vera is known under the scientific name Aloe Barbadensis Miller (True Aloe) comes from the Arabic word Aaaoeh, which means "bitter".

There are about 300 varieties of this plant, called various names: Healing Plant, Miracle Plant, Wonderful Plant, Burn Plant, First Aid Plant, Desert Lily, Freeze Flow, Sky Wand, Goddess and Immortality Plant.

Aloe is a plant native to East and South Africa. It grows well in sunny, hot and dry climates. Aloe Vera is part of the Liliacea succulent perennial plant family. It grows in tufts, and has long green leaves adorned with quills.

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