Ejaculation Précoce.

Peut on solutionner l'éjaculation précoce ?

The answer is Yes.

Solve premature ejaculation you don't know can be yet, then don't worry, education or rehabilitation is at your fingertips and, whatever your social rank, your age, you will be surprised by the speed of your progress.

Through adequate training arrive perfectly control your erection and your ejaculation in just a few weeks.
As surprising as it may seem 2 to 8 weeks on average will be enough to get rid of your premature ejaculation permanently.

History and early ejaculation

In prehistoric times, it would seem that mating of man ought to be of short duration. Coitus was indeed a period of time exposed and conducive to potential predators of the time.
Same observation at the present time for the horses, for the same reason. All this to say that your premature ejaculation is not so surprising and unusual it may seem.
Nowadays, of course, things have changed and you want to prolong the sexual act, for his pleasure and well-being that it gives you, in order to share it with your partner and this is quite normal.

The problem of premature ejaculation

But now the problem is that this is not magical. Once ejaculation installed, you cannot do what you want to and there is put in place bad behaviour, false beliefs that eventually break many hearts and hopes.
You end up in a vicious circle of chess, more you try out you and more premature ejaculation settles, short, relationships with yourself and your love could become an obstacle.

Solutions to get rid of premature ejaculation

Medications, sleeping pills, anti-depressants do not deal with the problem of premature ejaculation, not to mention the different effects side that you incur by choosing this solution, obvious consultation of a physician or physician sexologist is required. Creams and sprays that desensitizes your penis, it can be a means towards a learning through our method condensed re. Do not buy anything, prefer the products to standards.
Capsules on internet, unknown to the medical world.
Do not fall into the trap of capsules that enlarge the penis! One tip, don't gamble with your health, a penis is not growing with capsules! (Be aware that a penis of only 5 (five) centimeters long in erection is enough to satisfy your partner) To maintain a sexual tone, prefer food supplements to Ginseng, scientifically recognized.

  • The method of the Squeeze and the Masters and Johnson method :

Which as you know can be, do not provide the expected solution.

  • And the condensed method:

Truly the best current solution to solve definitively the problem of premature ejaculation. As its name suggests, it is a summary of several techniques and exercises developed by many specialist doctors (Americas, Europe/Russia, then the India and China) based on behavioural analyses of stakeholder of X which some have perfectly mastered control of the ejaculatory reflex. The condensed method is the fruit of many years of research. You have access to the latest techniques and brief therapies acting physically and psychologically, add to that many tips that you will no doubt find nowhere ailleurs.moyens today).

  • How to control your excitement and then master it.
  • How to arise the desire in your partner.
  • How to really bring pleasure to your partner and yourself.
  • How to discover or rediscover a new life sexual and also very important, save your couple (that I wish you very much).

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