Use of this network agreement

By registering and joining the network Association (the network), you agree to the following terms and conditions of participation. These terms and conditions contractually require you and you agree to each of them.

1 - You use and participate in this Forum and have access to documents contained therein at your own risk.

2. we do not moderate or do not see the communications on the Forum and are not liable for any document that a participant posterait the Forum and we do not assume responsibility for such an act.

3. we make no warranty or take no commitment as to the veracity and accuracy of statements made or posted documents on or through the Forum. You agree and acknowledge that you assume the risk of any act that you place on the basis of the information that would be on the Forum.

4. we do not endorse, or rent the credibility of any of the statements made on the Forum by any participant.

5. you are entirely responsible for your own statements and documents that you post on the Forum and for the consequences, they are known in advance or not, a part that could be based on sue statements. You agree to not ask any act aimed to make us responsible for any document or statement.

6 - Any opinions or views expressed by the participants are theirs. We do not endorse support nor do give no credit or because of credibility to any of its declaration or opinions.

7 - in the case where we will be informed by any part of that communication on the Forum or the part of a party is contrary to the terms of access to the Forum, we can, without being obliged to, investigate the situation and determine in our sole discretion, whether to remove such communication of the Forum. We have no responsibility to investigate on or to remove any content from the Forum on the basis of a complaint or other.

8 - As a participant in the Forum, you agree that we may remove any forum for any reason, in our sole discretion, or without any reason. This will take into account the documents disruptive, abusive, offensive, unlawful, vulgar, pornographic, or any other document. You protect us from and against any damage that you or another person may incur as a result of the deletion of any content of the Forum or the removal of the Forum at any time.

9. we have the right to remove, expel, disqualify any part of participation and access to the Forum at any time and for any reason or for no reason, in our sole absolute discretion. This takes into account, inter alia, any violation of this agreement, disruptive behaviour, complaints from other parties, any activity deemed illegal or for any reason or no reason.

10 - We reserve the right to terminate the Forum at any time and all users protect us from any claim, damage, lawsuit, threat, requirements, responsibilities, Act, cause of Act, accident resulting from this contract, including collateral, incidental and special of any kind or any damage.

11. you agree to not (i) use the Forum for illegal purposes, (ii) post material that violates copyrights, trade names, trade secrets, confidential information or other rights of any other party (iii) poster of documents containing misleading statements on anyone, that violate the privacy of any person, or threatensharass, abuse, or embarrass anyone, (iv) post documents, graphics, photographs, texts and other that are obscene, pornographic, sexual, or violent on the Forum, (v) posting ads, solicitations of business, marketing and promotion on the Forum, (vi) documents pretend to be someone else that you are not, (vii) posting documents that are disruptive or off topic on the Forum.

12. by accessing the Forum and by posting information, you thereby grant a perpetual, irrevocable, and license free of any charges on these documents, including the right to post, publish, transmit, distribute, create derivative on their base, translate, modify, amend, improve, to expose them, or use them publicly in any form or media now known or later discovered.

13. you grant to those who access the Forum licensed perpetual, irrevocable, and free of any charges to see, download, archive and reproduce your displayed information but such a license is limited to the use and enjoyment of other parties accessing the Forum.

The delegate administrator
Lylian Angeline Kaur