General terms and conditions


Article 1 - purpose
Services offered by asbl are support services ad hoc or regular administrative, commercial, internet, computer and office management companies and individuals.

Article 2 – realization
Benefits provided for in article 1 may be carried out at the offices of the Association.

Article 3 – availability
Benefits provided for in section 1 will be carried out according to the availability of each. No minimum time is to achieve. An estimate of the expected time will be produced during the preparation of the estimate.

Article 4 - Study and rates
The services requested by the client will be a free quote or a service delivery contract established by the non-profit organisation After acceptance, the client undertakes to pay the total amount incl. VAT before any beginning of the work. Delivery costs incurred by asbl will be charged back to the client according to the tariff of post in force as well as the delivery by courier.

Article 5 - regulations
Invoices are payable upon receipt for the net price without discount. Payments by bank transfer are accepted. The penalties for delay will be calculated according to the rate in force.

Article 6 - Obligations of the parties
Asbl is committed to provide its best care benefits requested by the customer and within the periods prescribed by the specifications (except in cases of force majeure referred to in article 8). In return, the customer undertakes to provide to the claimant all information that can contribute to the good of the present contract.

Article 7 - Confidentiality and ownership of the results
Each party agrees to keep strictly confidential data or concepts, information and documents concerning the other party of any kind be they (commercial, technical...) which may have knowledge through this contract. However, the claimant cannot be held responsible for any disclosure if the disclosed elements were in the public domain at the time of such disclosure, or if he had knowledge, or obtained them from third parties through legitimate means. The results of the mission will be in full control of the client after full payment of the benefit and the client may dispose of it as he sees fit. The claimant refrain to the results and use them in any manner whatsoever, except to obtain prior written authorization from the client.

Article 8 - responsibilities
Asbl will implement all means at its disposal to take care and preserve files and other documents that will be entrusted to him by the customer for the realization of its delivery. However, given the damage or deterioration risks to this type of media, it will be the client to be prevented by all means at its discretion. The customer agrees that the asbl does not accept any responsibility for any loss of profit, commercial disorder of claim made against the client and from a third party whatsoever. VZW may be held responsible for the formatting of texts but in no case the content thereof. asbl reserves the right to change delivery due to force majeure (failure, fire, theft...)

Article 9 – Termination of contract
Each party is free to terminate an order without penalty as long as the mission has not begun. For any termination from the client during execution of the command, asbl reserves the right to keep the deposit. asbl reserves the right to refuse any mission seems it to be contrary to morality.