Menu discovery! -3 services at choice!

Menu discovery! -3 services at choice! Assortment of root-vegetable, vegetable leaves, vegetable-fruit, meat, fish and seafood to the flavours and scents of Africa.

Braised chicken thigh

Braised chicken thigh and his Maffe Eggplant ruffled country and pumpkin sauce.


Mallow garden sauce Ademe Okro

Sauce Ademe fish and meat; side dishes of your choice with meat, the sauce is named Ademe 1 beating to allude to the door of a dressing room. There is a small dressing that has a fighter in the sense is there only a small scholarship to cook the sauce ademe with only meat. With two different meats, told Ademe double doors. Three different toppings, ademe three-folding... so on. https:africacolours.WordPress.com/2017/06/12/ADEME-OU-corete-potagere/


Braised tilaphia video Lyvie's recipe

Cameroonian video recipe: Braised tilapia. Lyvie's Videos.

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