Braised chicken thigh

Braised chicken thigh and his Maffe Eggplant ruffled country and pumpkin sauce.


Mallow garden sauce Ademe Okro

Sauce Ademe fish and meat; side dishes of your choice with meat, the sauce is named Ademe 1 beating to allude to the door of a dressing room. There is a small dressing that has a fighter in the sense is there only a small scholarship to cook the sauce ademe with only meat. With two different meats, told Ademe double doors. Three different toppings, ademe three-folding... so on. https:africacolours.WordPress.com/2017/06/12/ADEME-OU-corete-potagere/


Braised tilaphia video Lyvie's recipe

Cameroonian video recipe: Braised tilapia. Lyvie's Videos.

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