Before becoming an FOB entrepreneur

Before becoming a FOB auto entrepreneur (Forever Owner Business), here is a checklist to do before starting your FOB auto entrepreneur project ID 310002008957. . #aloevera #foreverliving.

Getting started

Fooposi Global World Web Business entrepreneur and self-entrepreneur project launch. 

  • Evaluate your self-entrepreneur Forever Living project through an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities  and threats.
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur
  • Set goals in terms of business plan and personal goals
  • Identify financial risks
  • Evaluate your start-up costs
  • Choose the location of your Forever Fopossi Lylian business in your region
  • Do a thorough market study
  • Identify customers
  • Identify your competitors
  • Design a marketing plan


Business Relationship Entrepreneur Tip - To Do. 

  • Choose a lawyer and an accountant.
  • Choose a legal form (sole proprietorship, limited liability company, public limited company, for example).
  • Create your business (register the company name, set up the company, for example).
  • Prepare a business plan.
  • Choose a banker and open a checking account for your business.
  • Apply for a loan or grant (if possible).
  • Establish a credit line (if possible). 

1st steps

1st steps towards the actual start. Together towards entrepreneurship otherwise.

Prepare your business brochures.
Design a website.
Create email accounts for your business.
Design business cards.
Get a lease.
List suppliers (if possible).
Stock up on supplies and equipment.
Obtain licenses or permits (if necessary).
Obtain a federal (national) employer identification number (if necessary).
Obtain a state (regional) employer identification number (if necessary).
Obtain the tax refund forms.
Join a professional organization.
Choose a launch date for the activities.
Prepare and deploy your marketing / communication strategy.