The aloe vera gel is an important source of antioxidants, but we have even more valuable sources of antioxidants. The research of natural sources for a healthy and energetic lifestyle, has provided a valuable fruit: mangosteen, the King of fruits from Southeast Asia. Xanthones are antioxidants having greater efficiency and located in large quantities in the mangosteen. Forever has transformed these important nutrients in the Pomesteen Power (262). Forever Pomesteen Power is an exciting drink that provides the vital xanthones and antioxidants to the body. Or better yet: enjoy the most out of the benefits of this fruit and aloe vera with Forever Aloe2Go (270). This convenient bag is a ultimate cocktail of antioxidants that you can take anywhere. A real energy booster to build physical strength and protect the body.


Free radicals are chemicals formed by the body as part of the metabolism and protection against bacteria. Some factors, such as extreme exposure to the air pollution or the Sun and cigarette smoke, can cause the body to increase the production of free radicals. To be able to fight against free radicals, the body needs more antioxidants than it can produce, especially during periods of diseases or exposure to the pollutants.
An antioxidant is able to neutralize harmful free radicals. Fortunately, the body has a very effective system to stop free radicals: the antioxidant system.
The body can produce itself a part of these antioxidants, however, the other party must be supplied by food.

Avoid free radicals

You can avoid a surplus of free radicals by being yourself attentive to the excesses of Sun, exposure to radiation and tanning booth. You can of course not always taken into account everywhere, in particular the pollution of air is something on which we, as people, have little influence. But you can certainly pay attention to the air in your own entourage, such as tobacco smoke. Also foreign substances in the body in the diet such as synthetic dyes and heavy metals affect the production of free radicals. And, what do you think of the stress? As well as psychic physical tensions can bring a bodily reaction to an increase of free radicals.

The importance of a healthy diet

He is pleased to see that many foods contain antioxidants necessary but unfortunately we don't always succeed in getting enough essential substances. Vitamin E, C and beta carotene, the vegetable form of vitamin A, helps neutralize free radicals, as the minerals do like selenium, copper and zinc. Even the Bioflavonoids, which are present in aloe vera drinks, contain antioxidant characteristics. They are beneficial to the conservation of a strong vascular wall and a rate of healthy cholesterol. Bioflavonoids also strengthen the effect of vitamin C in the body. In nature, vitamin C always appears in association with Bioflavonoids, mainly in citrus.


A-Beta-Care (54) as a dietary supplement is a perfect combination that will allow to remove the maximum benefits offered by products Forever. High in vitamin A, E and selenium content in short time to ensure reduction of many antioxidants. In association with gel Aloe vera, or other beverages to the aloe to the choice, you offer a good basis with an adequate supplement. You would prefer a liquid form of antioxidants, Pomesteen Power (262) will be ideal with its addition of Apple, pomegranate and mangosteen or even more convenient: the Forever Aloe2Go (270).


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