Excellent Fixer -  aloe vera for hair. Forever Aloe Pro Set without alcohol for respect the nature of hair and preserve hair fiber, the exclusive formula of this fixative - enriched protein - naturally maintains your hairstyle and gives your hair volume, shine, shine and flexibility.

This is because aloe vera nourishes the hair, makes them more flexible and stronger that Forever has chosen to incorporate this remarkable plant Aloe Pro-Set Hairspray. Not only it establishes and protects the hair but he maintains long your hairstyle. Many fixers currently on the market contain alcohol which can dehydrate your hair. Prolonged use of styling products containing alcohol can cause clogged follicles and prevent the growth of hair by inhibiting their sheath, which can also dry and discoloured hair. This type of product can also irritate the scalp and cause other problems, but also harm the environment.

Without environmentally harmful gases, Aloe Pro-Set respects the ozone layer.
Aloe vera hair gel