First Spray

Aloe vera spray. 78% of pure aloe gel to soothe aloe vera to refresh, to nourish, soften, protect, clean and to disinfect.
-11 plant extracts valuable (sake, yarrow, thyme, Chamomile, dandelion, eucalyptus, Passionflower, Sage, ginger, Borage and sandalwood)
-of natural beeswax and vitamin E propolis.

Aloe vera First is a mist that moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis. Bio spray organic aloe gel enriched with propolis and allantoin.

Aloe First calms, soothes and softens the sensitive. It is also useful to many minor skin damage and is specially recommended to mitigate the effects of chronic exposure to the Sun, wind or cold. Aloe First is an excellent complement of the first aid kit!

Aloe First for your personal and hair care:

  • the hair is protected, they can find flexibility, brilliance and volume
  • quiet, soothes and softens the sensitive.
  • Aloe vera in mist. Skin, hair, body care

Aloe vera spray, ideal for normal skin, sensitive skin and irritated skin