Aloe Propolis Creme

Aloe Propolis cream is enriched with propolis, a very moisturizing natural antibiotic, a cicatrising outstanding and remarkable an anti-inflammatory.

Aloe Propolis cream is a product of unique massage to relax.
Aloe Propolis cream Forever is a concentrated moisturizing cream, combining natural Aloe gel (74%) and propolis. Aloe Propolis cream is ideal to protect the skin from external aggressions and drying. Its formula enriched with chamomile, Comfrey, vitamin A and E made cream Aloe Vera Propolis cream a unique cream to relieve skin for skin diseases.

Cream Aloe Propolis cream is the best creams for psoriasis, for dry Eczema (lizard skin), to the after shave, Erythema of babies, acne, pressure ulcers and varicose ulcers alternating with jelly

For dry and sensitive skin, apply a small amount of cream Aloe Propolis cream morning and evening in synergy with the Aloe First (ref 40).

For all wounds and skin conditions, start first by cleaning the skin and then generously apply Aloe Propolis cream.

It is recommended to test the cream Aloe propolis cream on a small part of the body because this emulsion can cause an allergic reaction due to the lanolin it contains.

In order to obtain better results, it is advisable to always prepare the skin with Aloe First (ref 40). Then generously apply Aloe Propolis cream and do penetrate the product.

Case of cuts and skin wounds, frostbite and cracks, Burns, the radiodermites, skin abscesses, boils and various suppurations, varicose ulcers and all healing slow and difficult in general, bedsores in particular, anal fissures, the corns, pre-ulcer, eye of Partridge, and calluses, palmo-Plantar keratodermia which are very difficult to treat, warts, Leiner-Michaels (erithrodermie infant desuamative) disease, and intertrigo of the infant, certain forms of eczema and psoriasis.