Aloe Lotion

Aloe Lotion: emulsion for body and hands, fine-textured, contains 66% of natural Aloe Vera gel. Aloe vera has been combined with collagen, elastin, jojoba oil and vitamin E to maintain the skin's suppleness and hydration. Thanks to its discreet fragrance, suitable both for men and women.

Emulsion Aloe (Aloe Lotion) is especially recommended for dry or parched skin. It is rapidly absorbed by the beautiful and leaves it soft and supple. It is an excellent moisturizer body (superficial skin hydration) and lends itself perfectly as hand lotion. Feel free to use it after your bath in the Sun.

It is an ideal product for skins dry, frayed, beaten by the sale or altered by the weather. Slightly fragrant but strong for dry and irritated skin, Aloe Emulsion restores quickly their delicate pH balance to keep flexible and soft. - Emulsion Aloe: particularly recommended for dry or parched skin.

Dry skin, irritated skin, scratchy skin and altered: 66% of natural aloe vera gel, collagen, elastin, jojoba and vitamin E