Aloe Heat Lotion

Aloe Heat Lotion or Emulsion Tavares is also used to warm up the muscles before exertion.

  • Heating comfort massage lotion (Heat Lotion).

Aloe Heat Lotion is composed of 38% of natural mucilage of Aloe leaf recognized for the scope of its
moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, soothing and analgesic properties. The Emulsion Tavares relieves the discomfort thanks to the heat it provides. It is a massage cream popular of physiotherapists and which gives excellent results in cases of pain joint, muscle, tendon, torticollis.

For the sports, it will be a great help before the effort so to warm up the muscle without damaging it and prevention of cramps and la tetanization. After the effort, it will relieve the muscle and will alleviate the contractures.
Emulsion Tavares in
massage or in inhalations also prove to be very effective in the case of cooling worn on the bronchial and in case of difficulty breathing.
It is an excellent
massage cream for problems of reflexology.
In the case of
painful menstruation, although is massaging the bottom of the belly to soothe the pain.

In the case of fever, well massage the chest and back. Do not apply pure for a child less than 10 years. In this case, put very little and mix with the gel of Aloe Ref. 61.

Inhalation : Add a DAB of Emulsion Tavares in a container of boiling water. Bring a towel to cover the head and the container then breathe large lungs.

  • Caution: Although cover after inhalation to not catch a cold.

Can be applied in the form of poultice in case of violent pain.
In order to obtain better results, it is advisable to always prepare the skin with Aloe First (ref 40). Then generously apply the Emulsion Tavares and well to massage the skin. Continue the massage moisturizing the skin with a little Aloe First (ref 40).