Herbal Tea

Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea is a drink aloe vera - with the Infusion to the flower of Aloe Vera from Forever Living, all biological functions are likely to be positively influenced by this subtle mixture of ancestral plants. If so many people say they have a sleep and digestion facilitated thanks to the Infusion, this is no coincidence!

If the Aloe flower ought to enter into the composition of this remarkable natural drink for its properties, aloe vera is accompanied by what nature has done better for our well-being. Here is the list of these exotic plants that make up this wonderful product:

Aloe flower

In its natural environment, Aloe (Aloe Vera Barbadensis) gives a wonderful flower which can collect the petals. They have special properties, which some found in the mucilage.


The bark of this plant from China is traditionally used in Asia for culinary and medicinal, as some functions stimulant and as relaxing.

Orange zest

Orange peel skin brings its rich flavor and a high content in vitamin C is known to that it participates in many biological functions, including the development of collagen and brain function. The flavonoids (or pigments) zest of orange have excellent power antioxidant or free radical scavenging and potentiate the vitamin C.


Although from Madagascar, clove is native to Southeast Asia. In addition to its use in the kitchen and in the preparation of drinks and liqueurs, it is recognized him relaxing and antiseptic properties. It facilitates the process of sleep. Its essence is used in dental surgery. Cloves also acts as a flavoring agent.

Mulberry leaf

It comes from Yugoslavia. The fruit, the bark and root of Mulberry are variously used for their specific properties. As the leaves of some species, it recognises their diabetic anti action.

The Jamaica tea

Like ginger, this plant was selected because of its tonic action and its calming properties at the level of the digestive system.


Comes from Egypt. It is a well known herb which is also stimulant, eupeptic (facilitating digestion) and carminative (favoring the expulsion of intestinal gas). Very rich in potassium, it promotes, among other things, good reflexes.


Ginger is a spice native to Asia, used as a condiment in drinks, food, gingerbread. In aromatherapy, it is sometimes used for its appetizers, stimulating properties to facilitate digestion and against fever. The Arabs use it also associate cinnamon as aphrodisiac, pectoral and gargle in the event of termination of voice.


Comes from Egypt. Very used in the form of herbal tea for its beneficial effects on stomach, digestive functions and as antispasmodic. The ancients used it many as antiseptic and febrifuge. Chamomile is also widely used in the form of essential oil in cosmetics.

Gymnema sylvestre

This plant comes from India where it has the name of "sugar Destroyer" (gur - mar) for its action on the perception, envy and the metabolism of sugar. It suppresses cravings, the taste of sugar and inhibits appetite. Gymnema sylvestre also has a diuretic action.
The Infusion is a product very diuretic, very concentrated, very sweet to taste, no need to sweeten. It is suitable for slimming diets and find a restful sleep.