FAB - Forever Active Boost

Forever has found a solution to help you to react in the event of loss - FAB Forever Active Boost ™.
Sold by 12 cans. Contents: 12 cans of 250 ml
Our new fantastic product FAB, Forever Active Boost, is a natural energy drink that will give you extra energy to stay active all day. FAB is distinguished from other energy drinks because it immediately provides all the energy you need in the short and long term. Found immediate energy comes from guarana, one popular natural component, among others, to the Brazil.
Energy - long-term - comes from the ADX7 technology; a mixture of plants adaptogeniques and vitamins developed by a scientist and Russian researcher renowned and specialized in the field of sport. The ADX7 helped Russia to win more than 130 Olympic medals in athletics!

This delicious drink ensures that "your engine" remains in good condition and that you can meet every challenge.

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