Forever Bright 

Brushing your teeth with the Forever Bright Toothgel ensures a perfect hygiene of the teeth and gums. Its unique formula developed during years of research and in close cooperation with dentists, contains an effective percentage of gel stabilized Aloe vera and bee propolis. Forever Bright Toothgel contains no abrasive elements and is gentle on tooth enamel. Thanks to its formula without fluoride, this toothpaste refreshing is ideal for the whole family. It is very effective, then reduce your usual doses (just a small pea).

  • Forever Bright Aloe vera Toothgel contains natural antibiotic propolis
  • This remediated dental gel mouth, gives brilliance to the teeth and contributes to freshness (breath)
  • One can add that the toothpaste reduced sensitivity to cold
  • Whitens without bleaching or abrasive agents.
  • Soothes the oral tissues.
  • Contains no fluoride.
  • Ideal for gums and breath problems.
  • Suitable for the whole family from the smallest to the largest

Indeed, the properties of Aloe are sovereign in the hygiene of the mouth. It is also usable by vegetarians because it contains no products derived from animals.

Forever Bright Aloe vera Toothgel combines the gel of Aloe Vera (35%) and propolis, two active ingredients to multiple properties. Natural peppermint and Spearmint flavors give your mouth a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Your teeth will shine through Forever Bright Aloe vera Toothgel, one best dental gels currently on the market.