Aloe Body Conditioning 

Aloe Body Conditioning cream is a toning cream to be associated is the ideal partner for the Aloe Body Toner and allows skin tissue to maintain or regain their tone.

Aloe Body Conditioning Aloe based (33%) cream is enriched with vegetable oils and plant extracts. It is working in tandem with the cream body styling (Aloe Body Toner) but can also be used only on parts of the body to strengthen. It is ideal for the bust, neck and body parts that cannot be covered by pelli-Slinky.

These attractive Cabinet care body Aloe, ref. 55 complementary elements, combined with the regular practice of exercises and a healthy diet, participate in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Several reasons explain the appearance of cellulite. It is an imbalance of hormonal activity and the significant presence of estrogen that can contribute to this appearance. It may also be due to a depression of the vascular system.