Aloe Moisturizing Lotion.

Day cream. For best results, it is advisable to always prepare the skin with Aloe First (ref 40). Apply morning and evening after Exfoliating Lotion (ref 42) and Toning Fluid (ref 43) and massage to fully penetrate the product.
For application to the face, massage gently by making small circles, always oriented to make up the skin.

Used as a base cream, it is advisable to leave a thin layer on the surface before applying foundation.

Emulsion Face is also a good aftershave.

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36% natural aloe gel
Facial Emulsion Aloe (Aloe Moisturizing Lotion) contains 36% natural aloe vera gel, allantoin, oil, almond apricot kernel and jojoba oil, 4 ingredients well known for their properties humectant and moisturizing. Compared with Aloe Gelly, this emulsion has a higher moisturizing hand; it adapts to your skin type requiring a higher moisture content (combination skin with dry parts) ..

Our facial emulsion is enriched with vitamin E, collagen and elastin, and has been specially designed to respect the natural balance of your skin and fight against the effects of wind, sun and pollution. Very rich, it softens dry, chapped or devitalized.

It is lightly scented, non-greasy and quickly absorbed and is especially suitable for facial and body daily. It can be used as a base under makeup cream. Softens dry, chapped or devitalized.