Gentleman's Pride

The emulsion aftershave soothes razor fire, softens the skin and protects it against attacks. Typed and subtle fragrance please at all - and has it all!

By sliding on your skin, a razor blade can cause cuts, scratches or burns and irritate or dry the skin. Pamper and soothe your skin with our moisturizing Gentleman's Pride, an aftershave without alcohol with a masculine own fragrance.

Gentleman's Pride combines lubricants and moisturizers, agents of the anti-radiculaires and plant extracts. Rich in Aloe (42%), it has soothing and lubricating properties. Lotion soft and silky, it is both soothing to the skin and regeneration after shaving conditioner.

Men will love the sensation of freshness and cleanliness's Gentleman's Pride, and women will love this unique men's fragrance.