Maintenance of the joint

Natural care for the maintenance of your joints. Aloe vera care for joints.

The center of our movements

Next to a balanced nutrition and appropriate practice sport, the metabolism of the cartilage of the joints is of the greatest importance for a healthy functioning of the joints. Forever Freedom No. 196 of FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS combines glucosamine sulfate and sulfate chondroitin with valuable vitamins and trace elements. This nutrition is important for the joints flexible and vital care and can support the regeneration of cartilage. The addition of concentrated orange juice gives it a delicious taste.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti rheumatic natural: Aloe MSM Gel Ref. 205.

We recommend that even this association Forever Freedom + Aloe MSM Gel. In addition to Aloe Vera, MSM gel contains extracts of leaves of bearberry and extracts of willow bark. According to various works, these two substances have an effect. Just treat the areas concerned by applying the MSM gel, preferably several times a day.
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