Aloe Purifying Cleanser

This remarkable treatment Cleanser with aloe vera and fruit extracts gently cleanses and removes impurities without drying the skin.

Moisturizing active ingredients revitalize the skin and protective extracts strengthen the self-defence capabilities of the skin against external aggressions. A cleansing with Aloe Purifying Cleanser leaves on the face a delicious sensation of freshness, smoothness and cleanliness.

. Contains aloe vera and fruit extracts
. Removes makeup and impurities smoothly
. For a pure and soft as silk skin


Conseils d'utilisation

Use morning and evening the Aloe Purifying Cleanser. Divide the milk on the fingertips of both hands and apply the care cleaner on the face and neck massaging. First remove the excess of cleaning with a cotton makeup remover and then, rinse your face and neck with warm water.