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 Où trouver le gel aloe vera ?

If you live in areas where Aloe Vera grows wild, you'll have no trouble always having it on hand.

But, for the most part, it is necessary to resort to specialized business forms, which are much more suitable. That being said, the recent vogue for Aloe Vera has given rise and still gives rise to many specialties, many of which are not always irreproachable, even if they display Aloe in large letters on their packaging.

It is therefore necessary to make sure of the percentage existing in the composition of the product you are going to buy. This percentage (when it is mentioned, because it is not always the case and there is reason to be very suspicious) can range from 1 to 100%, the latter obviously being the one that must be approached to be as close as possible to the action of the fresh pulp.

Always choose stabilized Aloe vera pulp with a percentage of pulp as close as possible to 100% (pay attention to the mention 100% stabilized aloe vera, which actually means that the Aloe vera used, whatever its percentage, even homeopathic, is 100% stabilized) and bearing the I.A.S.C. (International Aloe Science Concil) label on their packaging, official control body for major manufacturers to prevent certain commercial abuses in this area, a label that certifies that the specialty in question meets the optimal quality standards for all the parameters that condition its effectiveness.

If in the United States, you can find Aloe Vera in any pharmacy, drugstore or health food store, it is not the same in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg where you still have to look really hard to find quality controlled products that offer all the assurances of good effectiveness.

If you want to order Aloe vera that meets these criteria...  

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