Sensitive skin!

key care!

Skin: Women of all ages are prone to problems of skin sensitivity;sensitive skin.

Skin description

Skin clear and fine, it is recognized by its redness, tugging, itching as soon as you apply a cosmetic on your skin or after exposure to cold, heat, wind ...
Sensitive skin can also offer pimple breakouts during menstruation. 
Good news, this sensitivity of skin is not necessarily final: it reflects a fragility of your cutaneous barrier, which must be corrected.


First rule, exclude any product that may attack your fragile skin: alcohol-based gels or exfoliating daily formulas, which rinse with water. 
Prefer milk without rinsing, to remove with a cotton spray of thermal water so that no particle of product remains on the skin. 
New formulations such as micellar waters are also, by their purity and softness, particularly adapted.


Because your skin is ultra vulnerable to climatic aggressions (sun, wind, cold but also pollution), it is essential to preserve it with truly insulating formulas. In the sun, with a very high protection, outside usually using rich textures that form a cutaneous insulation: Forever Aloe Sunscreen (Ref 199) for example. 
Note, some foods promote redness and irritation: this is the case of spices, tobacco, alcohol ...


It seems that the reactivity of sensitive skin is due to an increased water loss of the epidermis, which weakens the skin barrier and promotes the penetration of irritants. Once a week, cajole your skin with a refreshing mask ( Forever Marine Mask Ref 234 ). Morning and evening, redouble attention with a moisturizer of good quality, preferably associated with active ingredients that will calm skin irritation: Aloe Propolis Cream (ref 51).