Common use.

For Athletes.

Facts: the Aloe vera stabilized products are used by many athletes of all levels in the USA to treat bruises and muscle tears, tension and sprains of ligaments, joints, and other muscle injuries. Many organizations and sports officials have confirmed the effectiveness of these products especially in the reduction of pain, decrease inflammations and the healing time.

Regrowth of hair.

There is no evidence that Aloe will re-grow the hair. Nevertheless, it has been proven that stabilized aloe vera is effective treatment for conditions that can cause hair loss such as: eczema, Seborrhea and dandruff.

aloe Gelly = rejuvenation (natural lifting) and skin care.

Facts: jelly properly stabilized aloe contains emollients, emulsifiers and natural conditioners that can help regenerate the skin, firm tissue and rejuvenate the appearance of the face. If there is no completely effective remedy against psoriasis, there are nevertheless based treatments Aloe vera combined with vitamins and a strict diet often giving outstanding results. 
Today creams and ointments stabilized aloe vera gel are found in makeup kits for all women who want to keep a makeup girl and healthy skin.

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