Prenez Soin De Votre Prostate Au Quotidien.

    Say that someone has prostate trouble and you see looks amused or contrite! But what exactly are the role and importance of the prostate?

    What are the consequences of diseases of the prostate? Including on sexual life?

    The prostate is simply a (specifically male) gland under the bladder, that produces some of seminal fluid constituting semen. It is also thanks to prostate sperm takes its whitish color.
    This gland is crossed by the urethra, the canal which carries semen and urine. One sees that any disease affecting the prostate can affect transfers of semen and urine.

    When a man takes the age, his prostate may, is hypertrophier i.e. grow. One speaks then of adenoma prostate, or benign prostatic hypertrophy. It causes more frequent urination that is the need to urinate more often. Is no doubt annoying to have to get up more frequently to go urinate and, in particular, thereby have its interspersed with nights. But it is not dangerous in itself.

    On the other hand, the prostate may be invaded by malignant tumors. Clearly, prostate cancer is a serious disease. However, this cancer can heal easily, provided it is detected quickly. There is talk of a cure rate of 95% in the case of early detection... with or without side effects? (ejaculation, erection, etc...)
    It is this consideration which, without doubt, annoys many men.

    Indeed, the detection of a malignant outgrowth is done through a rectal that the doctor asked the patient to look and touch him introduced (gloved) finger into the rectum to palpate the prostate and see suspicious size, the hardening of the gland, its jagged edges.

    Treatments and sexuality

    Treatment of prostate problems can affect sexuality. Some medicines may reduce sexual desire.
    Trans urethral resection, a routine operation to deal with prostatic hypertrophy can cause impotence (in 5% of cases) and, more commonly, ejaculation retrograde (in 80% of cases). The semen flows back towards the bladder instead of heading for the penis. This mechanism does not orgasm but it is clear that, without ejaculation, the man cannot conceive naturally. This absence of ejaculation also damages the pleasure in some.
    The disorders of the erection caused by conditions or prostate operations can now be met by the use of Viagratype drugs.

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